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Uinvest Management Chat Update On FP-Fund

Are you a Uinvestor or you intend to become one in future? If yes, have you been attending Uinvest Management Chat (MC) and participate in their forum discussions or you just live everything to outsiders’ rumours and speculations? If that is your case, then you need to stop and find a way to hear from the horses’ mouth the truth about the current withdrawal/depositing crisis in Uinvest as well as planned solutions. In today’s article we want to share with you yesterdays MC, it was focused on FP-FUND and you need to carefully read through it as Alex PR, Uinvest Public Relations officer, addresses some of these issues and the way forward yesterday. Read through it carefully and ask your own questions for the next MC.

Alex PR
Hi. The most important part in the news is honesty, so it will be represented as always.) Yep, we will talk about FP-Fund.

Alex PR
One of the topics to discuss will be FP-Fund, as well as the stage at which the wd issue resolution is right now. Without a doubt, today we will talk about it and try to put the puzzle of this solution into one clear image.
2013-07-03 16:04:36

Chatroom is readonly now.
2013-07-03 15:54:43

Alex PR
However, it will be in a bit of time…
2013-07-03 16:05:00
Alex PR
Now I would like to say a few words about those people we have a pleasure to cooperate with, while the rest of attendees are joining us. In the meantime, we’ll wait for latecomers , who at the point of the second news will join our MC, and it will save us from the hundreds of questions like “what we have had today.”.
2013-07-03 16:05:49

Alex PR
For fans of Caps Lock I want to say that in our chat nobody would deprive them of the opportunity to demonstrate their unique talent of fast typing two letters “WD”.
2013-07-03 16:06:26

Alex PR
Pessimistic-oriented clients are guaranteed to get a good appetite that is the result of their constant worries.
2013-07-03 16:07:23

Alex PR
And Loyal customers will only have to look closer at the additional earning opportunities behind the said array of words.
2013-07-03 16:07:51


Alex PR
I will begin with a mini-topic No. 1 with only a few latecomers, hoping that an opportunity to get what we expect will unite all of us.
2013-07-03 16:08:27

Alex PR
Recently I’ve noticed something odd. I often want to say “guys” when talking to you, but it sounds pretty familiar, and I certainly try not to use it.
2013-07-03 16:08:51

Alex PR
However, there is a reason for everything. The fact that this word has come to my mind just now, when being with you, sets on to some suggestions.
2013-07-03 16:09:16

Alex P
It seems to me that the meaning of the word “client” has recently become too narrow. Maybe, in this case, it’s time to come up with a new definition?
2013-07-03 16:09:52

Alex PR
There is an old Russian proverb saying: “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Its meaning would be probably clear for everyone, as its equivalents should exist in all languages of the world.
2013-07-03 16:10:27

Alex PR
As for our customers, we consider them as one big friend. Of course, the relationship development may often resemble a sinusoid curve and our relationship is not an exception.
2013-07-03 16:11:23

Alex PR
At least, now we know what makes relations go up and down. However, we have a special category of customers, relationship with whom is our vital assets like financial ones.
2013-07-03 16:12:24


Alex PR
These are the clients, who have given us a credit card of TRUST without getting a debit card from us. And you know what?
2013-07-03 16:12:56

Alex PR
At first, I wanted to list the names known to me, but will it be right?
2013-07-03 16:13:24

Alex PR
Maybe they don’t want to be mentioned, maybe I’ll forget someone or maybe there is a thousand of other “maybe’s” that I haven’t taken into account. I invite each of you to decide if you are on the list.))
2013-07-03 16:14:21

Alex PR
I want everyone to have a strong opinion that we know the difference between REVENUE and VALUE, and that your FRIENDSHIP IS VALUE for us.
2013-07-03 16:15:46

Alex PR
And if the answer is “yes”, I let you know that our gratitude never depends on the
amount of your investment.
2013-07-03 16:14:49

Alex PR
It will always be in priority comparing to the revenue.
2013-07-03 16:16:03

Alex PR
This chat will be over in several hours, as well the the wd issue will be in the past somewhen, but some feelings will stay much longer.
2013-07-03 16:16:52

Alex PR
No one knows what they will be like, but I sincerely believe that these sincere thoughts will add some scent of gratitude to those feelings.)
2013-07-03 16:17:43



Alex PR
Well, I can see a significant addition in the latecomers’ regiment. The number of 444 participants means something.
2013-07-03 16:18:42

Alex PR
Registration and sense of humor may be your boarding pass onto our MC. I hope these guys were looking for it and that was the reason for the late coming. Let’s start the FP-Fund topic which is a kind of 2 in one topic.
2013-07-03 16:20:36

Alex PR
Eh, Let’s call it “About funds and withdrawals”. It brings solidity to the topic’s name.
2013-07-03 16:22:10

Alex PR
Funds is a gold mine of unexplored opportunities. I think everyone understands why UI loves them so much.
2013-07-03 16:22:38

Alex PR
Out of the first hundred reasons I will name only two main ones.
2013-07-03 16:23:03

Alex PR
Firstly, with the Fund creation we solve a lot of existing issues – whether it is the SE promotion plus an opportunity to earn (UFund) or one of the solutions to the withdrawal issue. In other words, it is sort of a universal tool.
2013-07-03 16:24:21

Alex PR
Secondly, it is profitable.
2013-07-03 16:24:48

Alex PR
Let’s take a look at the following example. Which another fund do we know?
2013-07-03 16:25:07

Alex PR
Asking and asnwering by myself only is a bit weird situation)) Okay, so UFund. Let’s ask the numbers about how successful UFund is.
2013-07-03 16:26:20

Alex PR
As of 27.06 – 911 people registered with UFund, whereas 02.07 there were already 982 registered users.
2013-07-03 16:26:56

Alex PR
Let’s look at further numbers. For example….average earnings.
2013-07-03 16:27:20

Alex PR
On 20.06.2013 it was $ 225.88, 27.06.2013, it was $ 800.59
2013-07-03 16:28:58

Alex PR
A week later, i.e. yesterday, it was $ 1,046.07.
2013-07-03 16:29:30

Alex PR
yep, it is per week
2013-07-03 16:29:47

Alex PR
It’s especially pleasant to note that the affiliates’ earnings grow simultaneously with the earnings of direct UFund clients.
2013-07-03 16:30:32
Alex PR
Thus, average earnings as of July 20th were only $ 101.88, as of July 27th they were $335.48, and yesterday it was – $350.39.
2013-07-03 16:31:55

Alex PR
Sorry, not July, but June. Thank you, Fanta.
2013-07-03 16:33:42

Alex PR
We are growing up, ladies and gentlemen! I’d like to pay your attention that these numbers have not been hints to the expectation of your praise.
2013-07-03 16:34:35

Alex PR
These modest numbers only confirm the words that the potential of funds has not been discovered to their fullest.
2013-07-03 16:35:15 

Alex PR
So, while flourishing of UFund makes all our members happy, we keep on working on our new project, FP-FUND.
2013-07-03 16:36:30

Alex PR
In the future, it will please us with its statistics, but now we start gradually revealing the stages of its creation, providing all of you an opportunity to learn about it from “inside.”
2013-07-03 16:36:50

Alex PR
Since the last management chat I have received a bunch of emails with questions about its works. I was really happy to interact with some of the most active members of our team and point out the key features of the new fund.
2013-07-03 16:38:03

Alex PR
Since this project is still being developed, we have new relevant details that will complement already given information.
2013-07-03 16:39:07

Alex PR
The fund’s core functions are: a) Invest and Earn  Withdraw easily
2013-07-03 16:39:24

Alex PR
Good news first. Tomorrow, on the 4th of July, any of you will have an access to the information about an upcoming project listed within FP-Fund.
2013-07-03 16:41:40

Alex PR
By the way, going further I will name FP-Fund as FPF.
2013-07-03 16:42:27

Alex PR
So, what will be available for your viewing tomorrow ?
2013-07-03 16:43:20

Alex PR
Name, approximate launching date + the price of the project share will be indicated and you’ll will also know its ROI. Moreover, you’ll be informed about additional revenue from obligations in the amount of 5% of the earnings, regardless of whether this share will be on the taker’s hand in the future or not.
2013-07-03 16:44:49

Alex PR
So, how willl it work and how it can help in wd issue?
2013-07-03 16:47:322013-07-03 16:45:20

Alex PR
We have already received a huge amount of requests from financial partners to purchase obligations even without previous announcement of their prices. And it is a right approach.
2013-07-03 16:48:00

Alex PR
Among these financial partners (and these will be Selected FPs), we will conduct a listing procedure and together with them we will enter into an agreement on project obligations distribution.
2013-07-03 16:48:51

Alex PR
Thus, the obligations of the future project will be available for Selected FPs next week. Having obtained an exclusive option to buy the obligations, Selected FPs chosen by us will fill the fund with necessary funds.
2013-07-03 16:50:13

Alex PR
All uinvestors will have an opportunity to buy shares from Selected FPs since the official start of the fund.
2013-07-03 16:50:53

Alex PR
However, the obligations may not be sold at a price higher than its face value.
2013-07-03 16:51:15

Alex PR
It means if a share of the project costs $100, then the obligation of this share that Selected FP will be able to sell to investor will cost $100 as well.
2013-07-03 16:52:26

Alex PR
In this case, Selected FPs’ earnings are a commission for money input into the system in order to purchase shares and receiving «live cash».
2013-07-03 16:53:08

Alex PR
As soon as the project is officially launched and uinvestors have an opportunity to buy shares from Selected FPs, many of you will become the holders of the project obligations.
2013-07-03 16:53:59

Alex PR
These obligations cannot be sold until they become shares. Roughly, that is, for about a month uinvestors will be the holders of obligations that cannot be sold.
2013-07-03 16:55:25

Alex PR
So, a project starts, obligations automatically turn into shares that can be sold to anyone and at any price.
2013-07-03 16:55:46

Alex PR
There is nothing supernatural, you work as usual…. HOWEVER…
2013-07-03 16:56:10

Alex PR
Only that Uinvestor, who was the initial obligation holder, will receive 5% extra up to the end of the project regardless whether this share will be on the taker’s hand or it will be resold a hundred times.
2013-07-03 16:57:12

Alex PR
At the first glance, the investment part of fund’s work is clear.
2013-07-03 16:58:34

Alex PR
To sum it up, we have the following: obligations issuance, their wholesale purchase by Selected FPs, retail sale to uinvestors with the same price plus the commission for money input. Further, as always. But an investor will constantly(by the project’s end) gets his sweet 5% bonus.
2013-07-03 17:00:21

Alex PR
The second function of the fund will be its assistance with money withdrawal, i.e. the fund will operate as an FP.
2013-07-03 17:01:00

Alex PR
I just showed you how the fund will be filled with the funds by its launching date. Further, as usually.You find the fund in the list of FPs, and submit a request for money withdrawal.
2013-07-03 17:03:05

Alex PR
Anyone, attention!!!
2013-07-03 17:03:31

Alex PR
Anyone will be able to do that, no matter whether you are an investor or not.
2013-07-03 17:04:00

Alex PR
Once again, you dont have to invest or even know about obligations in order to make a withdrawal. Simply as it is.
2013-07-03 17:04:52

Alex PR
The withdrawal will be completed within the shortest period of time by transfering money onto your bank account. How do we know that it will be fast?
2013-07-03 17:05:38

Alex PR
We paid special attention to the speed of a withdrawal transaction. I can ensure you that large resources will be involved. For example..
2013-07-03 17:07:05

Alex PR
Today, one of our clients, Specul8 suggested a bright idea. He told that it would be useful to implement the “average transaction time” for each FP. Done, in 5 minutes, our IT Dept. gladly confirmed that we can try to implement this.
2013-07-03 17:08:43

Alex PR
That’s a small example that shows we pay a special attention to the “speed factor”. Also, this week we increased our USE speed in 5 times! Therefore, it gives us grounds to say that as an FP this Fund will definitely become significant.
2013-07-03 17:10:49

Alex PR
So, no delays, as soon as FPF starts, you will be able to make a withdrawal.
2013-07-03 17:11:44

Alex PR
Let me take off the question when the fund will be launched. I will make a release and announce the date, but wait…there are more than 600 people in this chat now so I must tell something extra..so we plan to make it around July 20. Hopefully, it will be earlier and we do our best for it.
2013-07-03 17:13:38

Alex PR
It is not an easy task to talk non-stop for more than an hour, and I wrote it. So, I gladly make this chat as writable and give you an opportunity to speak.))
2013-07-03 17:15:14

What do you think about the above chat? Your contributions or suggestions may be the next topic or solutions to be considered.

Lastly, I will like to digress a little bit by alerting you that ClickPaid.com is scam now, so stay away.

Thanks for reading. Stay Tuned!


Ubong Atansek

VladimirFX Liberty Reserve Account Replacement


LR Account Replacement

Hello friends, if you are our daily readers/followers, you must have noticed that VladimirFX was removed from our list of opportunities listed on the “Research and Test” section of the page to our Naija Hyip gist page. The reason behind that action was due to lack of prompt update from VladimirFX’s Admin on alternative option(s) to Liberty Reserve following its shutdown.  Few weeks later, I decided to write the Admin to know the fate of the LR depositors and there was a prompt response from the Admin and I believe it will be good to share it with you, peradventure; you were one of those investors whose deposited were made through LR. Below is the translated version of the reply I got from VladimirFX. It was written in Russian language.


Date: 6/9/2013 01:03:16
Name: Marina Svetlakov

Withdrawal is possible at this time to the Bank, as well as through the WM, these services can only be activated by additions.

The minimum deposit for WM 50 $. The minimum deposit by bank transfer in roubles 15000 to be converted at the internal rate. Minimum deposit $ 1000 international bank transfer.

Also for Russian investors have the opportunity to replenish your deposit via QIWI, minimum replenishment amount scheduled Conclusion through the the KIWIFRUIT tentatively will be available from July 1. Will not limit, but will be a limited number of applications (number of applications is not yet known).

While output is not specified, the output will be via bank.

At the moment this is the only solution we can offer. Fin. the service works over alternative withdrawal options.


Marina Svetlakov

Support VladimirFX

From the above letter, we can deduce that your money with VladimirFX is not lost. The phrase “Activated by additions” simply means that you can create more payment /withdrawal options by adding funds through such processor. When I checked on the FAQ on this issue of depositing and withdrawal, I discovered this:
Quest: Can I deposit funds using one method and withdraw using other?

Ans: You can withdraw funds only using the method you used for the replenishment. If, for example, you replenish your account via wire transfer, you will be able to withdraw the money via bank.

It therefore means that to stay on the rule it is required that you replenish your account with another payment option. This will be activated and registered in your account for future use. For example, if your first deposit was made using LR, you can choose to make another deposit using Perfect Money or Webmoney (WM). This automatically allows you to have, in this case, two options to make your payments as well as withdrawals.

So, for those who have questions on this, please make use of this information and get back to us. I also want to let our subscribers, readers, visitors and followers know that programs that fall within the “Research and Test” list are not yet approved by us, though we have some investments with some of them to prove and follow their performances before approval. In the case of some of them with our ref links, we do this to allow few of you who want to join despite the above stated fact to join before removing the link. We welcome your contributions.

Thanks for reading.

Ubong Atansek


Eanersinfobank says thank you


Thank You

It is often said that all things are possible, but honestly speaking it is impossible to make progress in isolation. This is one thing that remains paramount on earth as we were created to be a social being. It is in this regards that we want to really say thank you to all our blog Subscribers, facebook friends, co-investors, followers, readers as well as the daily visitors. It would’ve have been absolutely impossible for us to stay this long and strong if God didn’t bring you to stand by us. I want to announce to you that our membership has reached 230 in one year, combining email subscription together with facebook.

However, we will like to take out a little time to mention some few exceptional contributors whose direct and constant activities here made this blog to be full of live, they are; Frank Perret , the Admin of Private hyip blog, Chris of Hyip-pulse, Gerhard of boundlessearnings.com, Soloicewind and some special individuals such as Sandeep, Antonio Resende, etc., to mention but a few. The lists go on and on.

Besides, we will like to remind you that earnersinfobank blog is committed to your service, due to this fact, we will like to re-emphasize on our vision and mission online. Earners Information Bank (earnersinfobank) domain was registered to inform online earners on opportunities available online, while sifting the scam away from the legitimate opportunities. The vision was birthed as a result of falling victim of some scam investments in August 14th-28th of 2011, which as a newbie, I lost 3500$ in one month. Since then, I retreated and went on training for seven months. Today I can boldly say that since then I haven’t lost a dime.

Understand How earnersinfobank blog is structured to help you:
we have 3 pages on our blog and we keep them simple. The first one is the Home page, this page is designed to introduce you to our blog and to give you a quick site on our latest articles.
The next one is Opportunities Page: designed with 2 categories of opportunities; 1- our proven investment portfolios: the programs that made it to this list are programs that have been proven to stand stronger for over two years with great future prospect. The 2nd one is for those programs that show great commitment but with some little hitches here and there. Not only that, here we also introduce new emerging programs with great future prospect but time is the only factor that will prove whether they will make it to our opportunities list or not.

The last but not the least page is called “Naija-Hyip-Gist. This page is dedicated to update those who are still interested in Hyips, we update the information here base on other Hyip monitors/blogs reports. We do not have any link to Hyip sites here except in exceptional cases.

Lastly, we want to say that we have just introduced some ads contents to our blog, this was necessary to avoid falling into the temptation of Hyip banners/text links on our blog. The consequences of having Hyips banners/texts links on our blog is that it may influence our reviews and reports on a program. Remember the adage that says ‘’He who pays the piper calls the tune. To avoid this, we decided to go for neutral ads which will not influence our post.

Special Note to our dear Subscribers
If you have not been receiving our mail on your email, kindly check your spam box and add earnersinfobank blog to your friends list, this will make our post/article to reach you via inbox. Also, we have many subscribers whose subscriptions are yet to be completed. To complete this process, simply go to your inbox or spam box and click on the confirmation link sent to you. But in a case you didn’t receive any link, please kindly check your inputs on the subscription form. Note you can unsubscribe whenever you feel like. Just scroll down the article and make use of the “Unsubscribe button”. Thanks once again for all your support.

From the desk of ADMIN, Earnersinfobank.com.


Ubong Atansek

Uinvest Investment Review

Uinvest review

Uinvest is an online marketplace where business owners meet investors. Ukraine investment also known as Uinvest is an independent business owner providing world class online investment opportunities to investors globally. They also have partners all over the world of which earnersinfobank is one of them.

Invest money online
Investment opportunities in Europe are part of a successful, diversified portfolio. As financial experts, we identify these projects and guide clients through this process with transparency and convenience.

Each of these businesses, including factories, facilities, restaurants and service companies, is a potential source of income or ownership. In fact, our success with these brands is the result of our proven record, in Europe, as specialists who understand the economic and regulatory guidelines on this region.

Our website enables investors to find, buy or sell, and manage a potentially profitable enterprise. By simplifying the ability to invest online, we also balance the benefits and liabilities of each business, while empowering people to make money in a suitable business.

To learn more about these advantages, please take a moment to create an account on our site. We look forward to helping people in this dynamic economy.

All you need to become investor Via Uinvest Platform
All you need to be part of this wonderful investment opportunities are: email address, access to the internet and a free eCurrency account such as Alartpay now PayZa , Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Paypal, or Bank wire Transfer.
Below are the 5 simple steps to become investor/co-business owner:
Step 1: Open your any payment processor
Step 2: Register for free Uinvest account
step 3: Add fund to your uinvest account via any of the above payment processors
step 4: Visit “Asset Management page” and select your shares
step 5: invest-(you will be asked of unit of shares 1, 2, 3 … simply put the unit of shares you want to invest in)

Understand Shares movement and symbols:
uinvest share movement

Looking at the above Uinvest shares-price-movement chart, you will notice the 3 arrows and a circle with a figure. These we will be discussing in below paragraphs. Let see what each depicts and how we can maximize them:

The Blue arrow shows us the parallel movement of initial price of 500 units of shares @ 2000$ per share with a monthly dividends of 400$. Now, @ the shares sell out point, which is @ unit 0, the price shot up gradually or instantly to the New Shares price of 2300$, creating the instant profit margin of 300$. This rise in shares price is caused by the force of demand and supply (DD<SS or SS>DD). So, to a good broker or buyer of such shares, he/she will make instant profit or keep his/her share to earn the monthly dividends of 400$+300$+2000$=2635$. Always bear in mind that 1% will be charged @ the point you want to sell out your share(s).

The Green arrow indicates shares price appreciation (Up-ward movement); this means that the price of shares has moved from the initial price to a new price level. You can use this to know if your share price is rising or falling.

The Red arrow indicates shares price depreciation (downward slope); this can serve as a guide to those who want to purchase a particular share. How? If you really want to make profit in Uinvest all you need to look out for is a red arrow movement on a share you were not privileged to purchase at the initial price, that is, The Blue arrow. To avoid spending too much on a share you have interest in, all you have to do is look out for The Red arrow.

Having known what the arrows symbolize, let us now see how each of these arrows can guide our investment choice as well as decisions. Assuming initial share price was 2000$ with 400$ monthly dividends. Note we are looking at a share price that can deliver more than 10%-15% monthly. This is well above 10-15%, what this means is that this share price will increase until it reduces the omnthly dividends margin to either 10 or 20% . So, SMART investor will opt for such viable shares because it will earn him geat returns. Imagine a share like the one in figure 1, where the initial price is 2000$ and the monthly dividends is 400$, the percentage is high, over 20%+. As you can see, the price of shares has enough room to move to 2300$+, while maintaining at least 15%-25% or more pending on its demand.







€€eib investment reviewsEIB 2012 MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES REVIEW
Compliments of the season!!! Now that we are about celebrating a new year it is imperative we review our past investment opportunities performances, why some were delisted and why some are still on our list. This will moderate our decisions, your decisions on each one and as well inform us on why some money making programmes were delisted on our opportunities page and why some remained. Ïn retrospect, we had a total of six money making opportunities listed on our opportunities page this year in which two were delisted. These are the lists: UINVEST, EBN, BANNERS BROKER, ZEEK REWARDS, GOLDSILVER, and recently GOFUN. Let examine each of them below.

Uinvest was listed on our site the very day we came online, precisely February 2012. Why Uinvest was listed on our opportunities page was due to it low risk nature, business model, popular positive comments, google green bars indicating positive views of investors world wide and its increasing innovations. It was and is the only programme that has really created best way to give its investors good ROI in the investment world as far as online investment world is concern. Despite several attacks on this site they kept coming strong. I think they mean to stay in business. My score card for Uinvest is 90% in total performances; this includes responses to investors emails, Payments services, sites layout and design view; products and services, chats, forums as well as client/customers relationship.
UINVEST’s FUTURE: the future of Uinvest is very bright. This is because I have seen a lot of businesses with this business model succeeding. Apart from this fact, I can see great and positive effort put by the Admin of this program to make their platform investors/business owners hub. If only they will work within the confine of the law as they promised, the sky will be their stepping stone.

E-business Network, tagged “Money Making Machine”, was listed on our platform early June, 2012. It was an MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) program with superb prospects both in comp plan and products. It was a perfect program for those who never made money in MLM, a perfect programme for countries with little or no idea of the computer and how to maximise the internet, MS Office usage; interactive eLearning product such as teach- yourself-English language. EBN was supposed to be educational. It was these educative products that attracted me to the program. It cost 300usd to have access to these products and 50usd as ref commission, plus other incentives. Ironically the products were not available. I was told the products will be ready in a month time, since it was still on prelaunch stage. Unfortunately that promise wasn’t kept by the Admin, so I gave them extra 2 months grace and yet not fulfilled. This led to the delisting/Suspension of the program, though as we speak, the program is still on without any product.
EBN’s FUTURE: The program was a great concept but later marred by greedy Admin. If the Admin choose to toe this path then the program is as good as dead. My score card to this program is 10% in total.

listed around August 2012, it was one of the best, though appears to be complicated at first, but became clearer later. BB, as generally called, has a lot of investors as we speak. I only registered with BB and never committed a dime to it. This was just because I really did not like its concept, its payment methods, information hoarding, etc. It was listed on our platform due to popular demand, apart from that, I saw great potentials in it. Later these potentials were threatened by unnecessary publicity that attracted major agent of govt attention, which, in my opinion, will result in BB’s end. My BB score card so far is 75%.
BB’s FUTURE: BB future at the beginning was very bright, but due to the recent unnecessary attention BB is getting, the future of this great investment opportunity is bleak. I really don’t see BB making it through 2013 if they continue to attract this unnecessary media/govt attention. Except they have a legitimate business model as they claimed, which I doubt they do. My recent research shows that BB is trading illegally, I stand to be corrected.

Zeek Reward was listed on our Naija-Hyip-Gist page since inception because I saw it as a ponzi scheme. I was attacked severally for listing zeek among hyips because then Zeek’s faithfuls believed, undoubtedly, that Zeek was legitimate. I took time to study zeek again and again, though with no much proofs to terms of scam report, before I decided to move it to my opportunities page. It was barely 2 days when I delisted the program from the page and back to our HYIP page. This move was based on my intuition. I had a negative intuition about this program even though the program was accepted majority. I can’t really say why I got such a negative intuition about zeek. It was not up to a month when the shocking news hit the internet that zeek was shut down by US SECs.
ZEEK’s FUTURE: No future for zeek. Zeek was murdered in cool blood by US SECs. Today, zr remains is going through severe autopsy test so as to fish out those who participated in its fraudulent act.

In early November, this program fulfilled our quest for real, legitimate investment opportunity; fully proven and tested by great investors. Goldsilver.com is a great platform for anybody to become precious metals investor such as gold, silver as well as jewelries. Gs.com is going to be our number 1 priority com 2013. We have already commenced transactions processes and we will be well established before 2013 draws its curtain. Goldsilver.com is the place to invest money in 2013.
GOLDSILVER’s FUTURE: Precious metals market is, undoubtedly, where wise investors invest their money. The fact that fiat money is losing it storage value drastically is a pointer that sooner or later it will dawn on everyone that the only long lasting, enduring wealth storage and preservation as well as measurement is precious metals. I really encourage investors to take the advantage of goldsilver platform and be part of this shift. Why I recommend gs is because they have a very simple trading platform, guided by the truth and can store your metals as long as you want. Precious Metals future is unarguably bright.

This program was added to our page this December. I am still doing my research on this program, so far I have discovered that it is zeek rewards replica, fully mlm, if want to make money. The possibility of making is tight. I will not write much about it here until my investigations are ready. For now I will advice that you do not commit any cash yet to it. It has a very stiff money making chances.
GOFUN’s FUTURE: Except gofun correct all the abnormalities that marred zeeks rewards success, it won’t go far.

Finally, I will like to say that com 2013 EIB opportunities page will be very strict in listing programs on it. We will intensify our research and investigation works on every program before it appears on the page, though this will take a lot of resources from us, we will not compromise. Remember that what worth doing, worth doing well. We also will welcome information about any program from our readers/followers, this will help us a lot and make our work easier, all you need do is making use of our email provided on the home page.

Ubong Atansek



Uinvest old page

Uinvest Old Page

‘‘…First of all, we’re not an investment company so we don’t raise any funds.
We act as an intermediary between investors and business owners. Therefore, all we think of is maintaining good platform so everyone can come and make money. This is main thing we’re concentrated on. Our philosophy: we don’t need anyone to have business with each other. Do it directly at UInvest’;
….We’re not cool analysts, we just created a platform where people can really do business with each other without any spongers like banks, advisers etc.
These were the words of Dave Darrels, official representative of uinvest in a forum chat November 30th, 2012.
Did Dave make up these words to win the heart of investors or what?

As you can see from Dave’s responses, Uinvest is just a platform that brings both the investors and the business owners together so that transactions can take place. They do not have any program offer for investment; they only make commissions from both the investors and the business owners. I took out time to search for sites that offers similar services and was able to spot these: envestors, advantagebusinessangels, londonseedcapital, lbangels . These sites are all platforms that bring investors and business owners together. This will enable you have in-depth knowledge of Uinvest.

Having said that, suffice me to say that Uinvest business model raises a lot of legal questions which we will not be able to go deeply in this article, but will try to clarify some. On the issue of businesses listed, it is verified and confirmed that GUN projects and few non-GUN projects are real businesses, while some non-GUN projects have some shady information, though Uinvest officials based their reasons on ground that they are protecting their business. But in my opinion, Uinvest started their business as HYIP without any GUN projects and this was how they operated until they decided to clean up the system which still lives some traces of pass shady deals. This will take time to go.

On the other hand, the payments made to investors are not paid by Uinvest but by the business owners who agreed to terms and conditions of the platform. Also, note that the payment are not perfectly fix or static, sometimes it goes down, this situation is attributed to companies low profit in month in view.

Overall, Uinvest business model objective is to give business owners, who are looking for loans, access to quick funds by bypassing the long processes of sourcing funds through bank loans.




BANNERS BROKER SCAM NEWS; RUMOUR OR NOT? BB scam RumorsIt was all war-of-words in the comments column of mlm watchdog guru, Rod Cook, when he alerted his followers/readers the ponzi nature of Banners Broker and its impending scam. I called it MLM-HYIP power tussle, if you ask me. It was not quite long when other blogs/Monitors follow suit. This has not only raised a lot of dust in the industry, but it is causing a lot of pandemonium in the heart of BB’s lovers. I was not surprise to see this happening, because if you trace back the history, you will know the reasons behind all these BB scam alerts. If you don’t forget easily, you will remember that Zeek Rewards was a great program; it was so popular that it became a household name, especially in the US. Everyone likes the program, people were really making money, and a lot of affiliates went viral on their recruitment ads; Zeek started receiving lots of public attention and approvals and even religious body were not left out, hardly did zeek lovers know that they were digging the program’s grave, why? Because Zeek’s popularity attracted government attention and that led to serious investigation. Suddenly, tragedy struck and the aftermath is history. You can draw conclusion from the aforementioned Zeek’s scenario and know the reason why BB is receiving scam warning in many blogs. You may ask why? Remember that last week Banners Broker went to the Irish streets for public awareness campaign? Maybe you are not aware of this, you can see it here, also held Radio talk show. Apart from this, there have been a lot of awareness campaigns carried out by owners of BB recently and this is attracting a lot of publics and private attention. Why a lot of BB lovers are against this idea is that they believed BB business model is not yet well defined and proven to be legitimate since they never answered any question directed to this vital areas. There is another school of thought that argued that BB isn’t advertising media, since its ads placement are not found anywhere on the net coupled with its high payout rate compared to the likes of Clicxense, which are in the same business category claimed by BB. Having said that, the question now is; will all these lead to BB scam or shutdown by the government? Will BB survive despite all these scam rumors? The atmosphere is tensed, cautions are taken and the BB current members are praying hard for sustainability. In spite of all these, future will tell if BB will survive long. If you want to follow history and past records you may say that BB will scam or shutdown except they have proven and legitimate business models. At present, BB records very low pending withdrawal complains and high payment records, though marred with delay payment which they promised to resolved with the advent of BB card.


gold silver investment

Best Investment

SERIES 1: It is interesting to know that we are now living in a world where a lot of old business models are transforming, making business environment more dynamic. The internet has really changed a lot of ways businesses are operated and owned. The Precious metals market is not left out.

Before now, buying precious metals such as gold and Silver were somehow tedious and with high security risk, but today that has changed drastically. With a click of button you can buy, own, and safe your metals without any fear of loss or theft. This is a great innovation and it is important one takes advantage of it. It is amazing that a lot of investors don’t think at all about investing in precious metals, while some are grossly ignorant of the market. I never found it easy to locate a legitimate platform to put my money but I had to keep searching and the good news is, I found one, GoldSilver.com.

As I mentioned earlier, it was quite challenging when I wanted to add precious metals to my portfolio, gold and silver to be précised, and I needed it via the internet. We all have local dealers, but that wouldn’t fulfill my needs. I needed a dynamic platform, a place where I can trade with ease; a place where buying and selling metals won’t be a heck? The questions in my mind were, where can I find a credible dealer, how can I avoid scam, where can I learn the “How to” and how do I safe, buy/sell or invest my money? I know a lot of investors asked these same questions, but that was before I discovered goldsilver.com. I had a lot of options, but I never had trouble to make goldsilver.com my best choice because they were most preferred and really met my expectations. As an international investor, all I needed were present. I needed a platform where I can fill secured with my money as well as my assets; I needed to have a place where I can learn and grow; a place where I can rely on; a place where my assets are well insured and a place where I can have peace of mind. Goldsilver.com met that needs.

All you need to own, invest, buy or sell gold and silver bullion, bar or coins with goldsilver.com is the access to the internet and if you are reading this, you have passed that stage. The second thing you need is signing up for free account, followed by credit card, but for international investors like me, they can make use of Bank wire transfer. Then you select which products you want to buy or sell from the varieties of their products drop down menu. That is it, as simple as ABC. You can choose to ship your product(s) or safe it in a vault. Whatever your choice is, the choice is yours.

As we all know, every business has its own risk, which is not different in gold and silver investment. All you need is to stick to the rules of the market, but the “Locking” feature of goldsilver.com and their insurance policies helped reduce the risk. That is why I made them my choice. As an investor, I analyze businesses before I jump in and this isn’t an exception.

Overall, goldsilver.com is a great platform for both starter and experienced precious metals investors. They are very secure; BBB accredited and has good customer-client relationship. Above all, goldsilver.com platform allows you to convert your retirement plans into gold making your financial future safe with appreciable value. Lastly, it is internet driven and I love internet driven, this allows me to reach out to the entire globe.

Watch out for our next series.







top profit


I welcome you once again to another great time to enrich your mind. This time we are bringing to you earnersinfobank Top 5 Money making opportunities in 2012. NOTE: These sites were picked based on 2011-2012 performance.This is not to say that these are all the money making opportunities on the internet, especially in the hyip world. No!  In fact there are billions of them existing out there, but for us, these are the 5 we were able to pick within our niche which has to do with online investment and money making opportunities. It took us time and research to be able to pencil down these 5, and we are not trying to sell any of them to you but to inform you about their performances over the years. So relax and read on.

I wish I never listed this great company on my blog so that I can talk about it without you feeling I’m trying to sell it to you or cheer-leading for Uinvest. But thank goodness I have a program like UINVEST on my blog, it was quite a privilege. I spotted this company 2 years ago when I visited Private Hyip blog.com, which later became my Partner in the business. At first, I was skeptical just as you will be, this was due to my previous experiences, but after I did a little research on it I found out that it worth giving a try. That move wasn’t a mistake, today I have over $5,000 in there with constant flow of payment. I would never have committed such a huge amount if there wasn’t anything unique about this program. I have investor’s friend that has cashed out over $60,000 from this program this year and many other investors are doing the same, at least I am part of them. You can read more about Uinvest here. Next on my list is:

As you know Hyips can be so unpredictable, this was the case of Eurextrade when I first came across it early last year, I never believed in it and never committed a dime to it even up till now. It was just like any other hyips programs. Surprisingly, this program proved me wrong. Today it has been in business for over 607days, that will be approximately 2 years. Wow! That is a great mark. According to my research on this program, I realized that the domain name was registered in 27/12/2007 and paid till 27/12/2015. Eurextrade primary aim was to offer corporate clients and businesses Direct Market Access, though they began offering its services to public on December 2007. Why Eurextrade made it to my Top 5 money Making Opportunities in 2012? Because of its resilience against all odds, and staying on top of their game and making investors smile. Their unique service point is the ability of allowing request on principal any time within the investment period. Will they last longer than this? Time will tell. You can read article on Eurextrade here. The next in my list is:

This name is fast becoming a household name, ranked 491 in the World Wide Web. At first this program was too complex for me, but gradually, I started to understand how it works, thanks to Chris, the Admin of Hyip-Pulse.com and my friend in Portugal, Lullabass, who took their time to explain how it works.  Banners Broker is the only advertising network company that allow individuals to earn money simply by buying advertising panels. This is what Profit Clicking is trying to copy but because of their previous business plan, it is not going to be sustainable except they change it. Suffice me to say that BB is one of the best top money making opportunities in 2012. This program started 2 years back, went back to redesign and repackage and came out strong again. It is a great way to earn real passive income.  Why did I list BB among my top 5 money making opportunities in year 2012? The reason is not far fetch; it is because of its unique features such as panels purchasing combine with diverse ways of earning. For more details on this visit our opportunities page and watch this video.

Did I just mention femina Alliance on my top 5 money making opportunities in 2012? Yes, I did. It took me a long debate and screening to choose this Hyip among its competitors such as Benson Union, etc., but I believed it was the right choice. I was introduced to this program 478 days ago, but I turned down the offer just because I hated long-term hyip. Felmina pays investors 1-1.6% daily for 180 days, what this means is that they have successfully passed 2 cycles and now approaching the 3rd. I am always happy when I see any hyip allowing fair play. The early births of this great program are smiling to the bank because they are in profits already. Will felmina survive black December? Time will taste and we will tell.

This program is the shocker of the year. I will never forget when my facebook friend from Nigeria sent me the link of this site. When I got the link, I went to check it out and I laughed. My impression was that it was a cheap scam site, because then, no known monitors featured it. Around august this year, I began to hear more about it in forums, blogs, as well as hyip monitors. The whole thing went viral and spread like wild fire. 335days in business is not cheap and it may stay longer if cares is not taken. It beats eurextrade in world traffic, maintaining 12,278 position in Alexa.

In conclusion, the above top 5 money making opportunities are meant to inform you and not to sell them to you. I hope that more good and sincere programs will gradually come to take their positions on the online investment world. This will not only make investors happy but will increase trust in the business future. I will continue to watch the above listed companies and keep you inform in due season. If you have any complain on any of these programs please don’t hesitate to drop your comment here. 

WARNING: Please do not jump into any program and do not allow anybody brainwash you. Make use of google and use our Hyip-Gist-page as well as other medium to ascertain a program before you commit your money.





5 reasons why investors invest in HyipsHave you been thinking and asking why investors like you invest in HYIPs and came up with these 5 reasons why investors invest in HYIPS, knowing too well that HYIPS are highly risky and illegal? The rate at which HYIP INDUSTRY is growing is alarming and the patronage is unprecedented. But the question staring us on our face today is, why do investors invest in HYIPS?

In case you don’t know what HYIP is all about, let me shade a little light into it. HYIP means High Yield Investment Program. They are those programs that promise to pay high returns on your invested sum. They come in different forms, sizes, designs, plans as well as themes. Examples of such programs are : ZeekRewards, Justbeenpaid now Profit clicking, banners broker, though warned not to be rated as Hyips, Uinvest, also warned not to be rated as Hyips, Eurextrade, Avousa, etc. These programs offer interesting high returns regarding their scope of services, if there are any.

Also, let me remind you that 99.999% of HYIPs end as scams, no matter how relaxed you feel about your current paying HYIPs. This fact is widely known and accepted by all industry players. While 1 out of 10 long term hyips program hardly complete its cycle, 8 out of 10 short-term scammed after its first cycle and 6 out of 10 of medium-term hyips hardly complete 2 cycles. Looking at this statistics, you will agree with me that Hyips are not good to called investment program, rather it should be called High yield gamble program.

Therefore, if that is the case, why do investors invest in Hyips seeing that it’s highly risky and illegal? I was able to do a little survey and gathered some facts and reasons why people invest in Hyips and why HYIPS continue to flourish on the internet despite its high risk nature. Let look at some few points I was able to gather in no particular order.

1-      HIGH RETURNS ON INVESTMENT: It is no doubt that the most attractive feature of Hyips is its promises to pay investors high returns on invested capital. They have different investment plans ranging from 1% daily to as high as 15% daily throughout its cycle. Typical examples of such hyips are Profit licking or former JBP, eurextrade to mention but a few. This package beats any ‘Real’ investment such as stocks, bank fixed deposit, bond etc. This feature is the TRAP, HOOK and LINE of Hyip Admins to capture the greedy investors and truly, they fall prey. They are using a salesman strategy that says that give people what they want and not what they need.

2-     ZERO PAPER WORK REQUIREMENT: Unlike other forms of investment that requires a lot of papers such as guarantors forms, Utility bills, Guarantors signature, stress of meeting, many parties involvement such as Lawyers, etc, insurance, tax clearance certificate, etc., in Hyips industry all you need is your email address, fake or original, it doesn’t matter, your name, fake or original, eCurrency processors such as Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, egoPay, etc not monitored by any Government Financial Agencies, and some few bucks on it, whether it was stolen or gotten by hacking, it doesn’t matter. But what are the risk implications of not having paper works on this? It means that when anything goes wrong such as scam or program collapse, you will never get your money back no matter how much was involved.  I know many HYIPs Admins are crazy, some of them will tell you they are insured, and anytime I spot this on any HYIP I ignore such program completely and will never dare to put a dime on it because it shows how foolish the Admin is, it definitely means that he/she doesn’t know what he/she is doing. Probably, a college kid.

3-      ATTRATIVE WEBSITE DESIGN LOOK: In many hyip forums, I always here something like, ‘Hey have you seen so so and so program, the script is great and the design is wonderful, it looks promising’. Hmmm, got you in the web! A lot of investors are victim of this kind hyip strategy and most programs designed their site in such a way that you will never think that it is meant to scam. It is convincible deceitful. A typical example of these was Silver Structure.com. it was so well designed that even blogs/Monitors Admins were got in the scam web. Today, we have a lot of them and a typical example is Profitlicking.com

4-      HIGH REFEREAL COMMISSION: Now, this will amaze some of the newbies, that some, if not all, of their referrers do not commit a dime into HYIPs all what they do is to sign up and then advertise their sponsor links and get commission from anyone who joins the program through it. Hyips offer commissions as high as 15% and 5 level to 6 levels deep. What that means is that if the program scams, they have nothing to lose, though this is role always played by Hyip Monitors and Blogs. There is a deception going on now and that is RCB(Referral Commission Back). What this means is that when you join a program using your referrer link and you deposited 100$, for example and his/her commission is 10%, which is10$, that 10$ commission will be paid back to you. The question now is why the process? While a lot of them do not disclose how much was their commissions, a lot of them use this strategy to milk from your downlines and even you.

5-      FASTER FINANIAL TARGET: The last but not the least is the fast nature of hyip in terms of quick financial goals, which tends to meet investors’ wants and daily as well as short term financial goals. It also meet also assumed that it meets short term financial target. As true as this may sound, this hyip feature can cripple your entire financial life and status.

Having said that, all the above HYIPS features are designed to appeal to investors’ greed and wants. They were carefully crafted and we can see it is yielding unprecedented result, because today a lot of investors flock into this industry day in day out despite the high scam level. The reasons behind this upward movement is as a reason of these New hyips are flooding the internet in thousands everyday, while new hyips blogs/monitors are not left behind. Suffice to say that this movement will continue until or except something drastically happen within the industry that will change this trend. If not, the scam game continues! Do you see anything other than what I have stated?